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 For the Music Lover Who Has Everything

The music lovers in your life may already have everything, from headphones to accessories to CD collections. 

What they don’t have is personalized sound.

No two ears hear the same. Some people need more bass, while others need more treble.

But their headphones aren’t tuned to their unique hearing sensitivity, which means they are missing sounds from their favorite hobby.


Why is Aumeo such a great gift?

Aumeo is the world’s first headphones personalizer that customizes sound to the listener’s unique hearing.

Why does this make it such a great gift for music lovers?

Because with Aumeo, they can:

Aumeo can be used with any wired headphones and any audio source. So you can be sure it will work with any existing audio setups.


Delight your favorite music lover today and give them the gift of personalized sound.