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From the Press

"I am perhaps the ideal Aumeo customer. Three decades of scuba diving, and two injuries to my left eustachian tube, have left me with hearing that is idiosyncratic and asymmetric. And, indeed, I did find that the Aumeo let me listen to music more comfortably than I have in many years. With Aumeo, I had the odd and pleasurable sensation of listening to my favorite songs almost as if through young ears again."

Glenn Zorpette, IEEE Spectrum Executive Editor

"According to the quick setup process, my hearing sits in the "satisfactory" region, with both ears slightly lacking in the 500 Hz range and 8 kHz range. I then put on some music through my KEF M200 and was blown away by what I heard: I was able to pick up more detail in the music, while also finding myself having to lower the volume slightly, as I didn't need it to compensate what I couldn't hear clearly. There was no cheating as the audio wasn't louder, just more detailed."

Richard Lai, Engadget Chinese Editor-in-chief


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