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As you may have read before: without tailored audio, you are risking:

  • Listening fatigue: Because you are straining your ears to hear the musical details that are always just out of your reach, or
  • Hearing damage: Because you are turning up the volume (sometimes subconsciously) to hear the details.


The solution is simple. Customize sound to your ears’ unique sensitivity.

Aumeo, the world’s first headphones personalizer, does exactly that.

 By customizing sound to your ears with Aumeo, you will be:

  • Hearing music more fully, richly and clearly than ever, as if a whole new dimension has been added to your listening experience.
  • Reducing listening effort and the strain you put on your ears when listening to music, so you are left with more energy and focus to appreciate the sound.
  • Protecting your ears — your most important and irreplaceable listening equipment— from unnecessary volume damage, so they can thank you by letting you enjoy sound fully, for the minutes and years to come. 

Here are some testimonials by people who have tried customizing sound to their ears:

These are real tweets from real people who have supported our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and tried Aumeo.


The way Aumeo works is simple:

Aumeo Tailoring Process

  1. MEASURE: It measures your ears’ unique sensitivity to 8 frequencies (sounds in various pitches)
  2. COMPUTE: It creates your audio profile based on your measurements
  3. TAILOR: It customizes sound to your ears’ audio profile

Just like that, you are listening to fuller, richer sound, tailored for the comfort and pleasure of your ears and your ears alone.

Richard Lai

Engadget Chinese Editor-in-chief

"...blown away by what I heard: I was able to pick up more detail in the music, while also finding myself having to lower the volume"

Glenn Zorpette

IEEE Spectrum Executive Editor

"With Aumeo, I had the odd and pleasurable sensation of listening to my favorite songs almost as if through young ears again"

Invest in your listening experience and your ears today.

Get your Aumeo now!