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About Aumeo Audio

Aumeo Audio is transforming the way we hear the world by customizing sound to each and every ear. As the world’s pioneer in tailored audio and with its award-winning, patented and verified technologies, Aumeo Audio works with audio products and services of all sizes to ensure the fullest listening experience possible.

Aumeo Audio is part of ACE Communications Limited, which has been working on audio profile-based technologies since 2010.

The Awards and Accolades

The audio-tailoring technology developed by ACE Communications and used in Aumeo Audio products has won numerous awards and achievements.

Aumeo Audio's hardware product Aumeo has also been successfully crowdfunded on Indiegogo to the tune of over US$300,000. 

The Inventors


Professor Charles Andrew van Hasselt is the chief inventor of Aumeo.  He is a world-renowned figure in Otology with a deep passion in hearing restoration.  From over 3-decades of helping people he is keenly aware that most of the world has his or her unique hearing that isn’t taken into the account of audio enjoyment.


Paul Lee is a Silicon Valley veteran who moved back to Hong Kong with dreams of helping build up the technology entrepreneur scene in the region.  An electrical engineer by training, Paul took his technical expertise and management consulting experience to help found several successful Silicon Valley startups and has first-hand experience in producing solutions that dramatically simplify problems and challenge the status quo.
Paul and Professor van Hasselt met in late 2009.
And that's how the journey to the final frontier of audio—Aumeo's audio tailoring technology—began.