Personalize your headphones to your ears' unique sensitivity. Get all the sound you deserve with Aumeo.

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Why music lovers love Aumeo

What tailored audio can do for your listening experience.
Fuller, richer sound
Hear with the full potential of your ears and never miss details again.
Comfortable listening
Less listening fatigue as you no longer strain to hear the music.
Protect your ears
Enjoy better audio with more nuances at a lower volume.
Get to know your ears
Audio profile is to ears as sound signature is to headphones. Create your audio profile and visualize your ears' performance.
Accurate range
Measures your ears' sensitivity to the 8 frequency bands that makes the most difference.
Bluetooth and line-in
Works with smartphones with headphone jacks, and also those without.

For ears as unique as you.

Every ear is special in the way it hears the world. Aumeo is the world's first headphones personalizer that customizes audio to your each of your ears' unique hearing sensitivity. Hear all the music, the way it's intended to be heard.


From those who have bought Aumeo and heard the difference.

"...blown away by what I heard: I was able to pick up more detail in the music, while also finding myself having to lower the volume"
"With Aumeo, I had the odd and pleasurable sensation of listening to my favorite songs almost as if through young ears again"
"Aumeo works great & sounds awesome with iPads too.... Imagine reading your favorite book or magazine with an orchestra quality music in the background."
"Just got mine. It works! I have some hearing loss on one side and it compensates perfectly. It also sounds surprisingly good, and can drive my fostex rp5 headphones and few portable amps can! Am really impressed!"
"Received my Aumeo device and, after playing with it for awhile with different earphones, the true value of this device became apparent! I was able to experience the full spectrum of music that I've been missing for years!"
"This is a terrific device to improve sound quality and listening experiences. It was easy to calibrate to my personal hearing using my smartphone. I then connected it to my various iPad and iMac gadgets using Bluetooth. I can also wire it direct if needed. I am now listening to sound with much improved richness and quality. The Aumeo really makes sound 'come alive.' Amazingly so. "

Next-level audio personalization

A complete solution for quality personalized sound in a portable device.

Aumeo, Headphones Personalizer
  • Quick and accurate audio tailoring

    Measure your ears' performance and create your audio profile in as little as 1 minute.
  • Use with any headphones

    3.5mm headphone jack allows you to personalize any wired headphones to your ears.
  • Supports multiple profiles

    Make unique audio profiles for your friends, headphones or environments and switch whenever you want.
  • Quality sound for wired/wireless audio

    Built-in headphone amplifier, aptX™ support and wired/wireless audio input switch to give you top tailored sound.

Fast and easy setup

Create your audio profile to find out your ears’ performance in as little as 1 minute with Aumeo and its easy-to-use app (iOS and Android). You’ll be listening to personalized audio in less time than it takes to play the average soundtrack.
Fast and easy setup

Use with any wired headphones

Small and portable, Aumeo can be used anywhere with your favorite wired headphones. It also allows you to connect to any audio source wirelessly or via line-in, which means you can use it with your computer, TV, hi-fi system and more.
Use with any wired headphones

Invest in your ears' comfort and pleasure

Tailored audio is the best thing you can get for your ears, both in terms of enjoyment and protection. Get an Aumeo now and hear the difference yourself.
Invest in your ears' comfort and pleasure